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Welcome One and All.

Welcome to homiletics101.

My name is Mark, and I will be the maintainer and moderator of this community. Please visit my LJ any time you feel like, just click my username -- sliphornsolo.

Please understand that I want this community to be OUR community. ("Our" pertaining to all who wish to seek and learn about Homiletics and preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ our God and of the Bible.)

In this community, we will seek to do the following:

1. Put our Master and Rescuer, Jesus Christ first.
2. Share our preaching skills and experiences.
3. Learn from one another, welcome everyone and encourage new and young preachers.
4. Teach one another while maintaining honour, integrity, and respect.
5. Use sound doctrine in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Avoid foolish controversies. Every point must be backed with the Bible.

I hope you enjoy it and please refrain from leaving annonymous comments. If you leave an annonymous comment, then please tell us plainly who you are.

Also, please refrain from using email forwards as we have all seen them before. If you have to use a forward, I would appriciate that you email and ask me prior to posting.

Thanks; have fun!

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